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#OOTN: Bestie’s B-day Bash

Last Friday I went to my girl Jasmine’s 23rd birthday celebration.
The festivities took place on South Beach. Our night began with dinner at Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road and ended at Club Play.

The theme was “Black and White Affair” but of course I had to add a little color into the mix.


^^Everyone in their Black & White. Jasmine is donned in Royal Purple. Which looks amazing on her BTW.

I was skeptical about wearing just a dress because it was chilly and I didn’t want to catch a cold however I didn’t want to rock pants into the club because I didn’t have a top that went with the particular leggings I wanted to wear.


I opted for the following and it turned out to look pretty good.

Black Bandage Dress: H&M
Black Blazer: don’t remember
Black clutch
Turquoise Tie up heels: Bakers
Turquoise earring and bracelet set: Some accessory store in Dolphin Mall
Turquoise and “diamond” ring and a turquoise bracelet I got in the Bahamas.

Side-note: I spelled turquoise four different ways typing this blog. Thank God for spell check! lol


9 thoughts on “#OOTN: Bestie’s B-day Bash

  1. Nice!

    Posted by Emmanuel | November 13, 2012, 11:37 PM
  2. Cute!!! Those shoes are adorable!!

    Posted by Entice | November 20, 2012, 8:13 PM

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