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November “No Alcohol Month”

It doesn’t even sound right coming out of my mouth…  So on October 31st I said that I would not consume any alcoholic beverage for an entire month to see if it would help me out with my fitness goals.


I had a henny and cranberry Halloween night, which rolled into November 1st.  I drank champagne the next day and on November 3rd I went to my friend Sabrina’s bachelorette party where I had margaritas, hennessey, and more.  Then on Friday the 9th, I went out to my homegirl’s birthday party and we had all kinds of shots, drinks and Ciroq.  Needless to say, I failed. lol

I decided to start my no alcohol stretch tomorrow (only because I had some red wine today) and go until Thanksgiving (because who doesn’t drink on Thanksgiving?).  It will be a challenge but I think I can do it!  I’ll be updating you all with my progress.  After Thanksgiving I will try to extend it to the 12th of December but don’t hold me to that because you never know what may happen. 😛

Wish me luck!


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