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*Undiscovered Talent* —>> This is Clarity

Vincent Jr Albury (born March 6,1987), better known by his stage name ThisIsClarity, is an Hip Hop Artist and Songwriter from Miami Beach, Florida. He has gained a name around his hometown by various work he has done for churches and homeless families in Miami-Dade & Broward counties . He has wanted to be involved in music ever since a young age. Clarity became a songwriter and music producer to jump start the dreams of local talent however, he never saw his self as a artist until he was submitted for a talent show. Ever since that day, he fell in love with performance and never wanted to leave the mic. Clarity began to pursue his rap career by studying rap battles and freestyles to perfect his craft which left him with many sleepless nights. Clarity feels that it is time “To Give Clarity To The Music Game” and wants everyone to stay tuned because what he does next “will be Epic”.

My opinion : Clarity’s music has a chill vibe to it…something I can see myself playing if I’m chilling around the house or if I’m cruising in the whip.   I listen to a lot of local artists but I only cosign a few & Clarity has received that stamp of approval!

What do you think? Listen to ThisisClarity ‘s Music

You can also follow him on twitter —>> @ThisisClarity


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